Take advantage of the power of our Artificial Intelligence.
Every day suggestions and forecast for your investments.

SelfieWealth is a real RoboAdvisor, no human influence or interference in your wealth management.

Services provided by the RoboAdvisor

SelfieWealth’s engine daily production of financial content and personalized news makes this robot a unique and distinctive product in the landscape of the automated advisory.

Discover financial analyses, trends and forecasts provided by the SelfieWealth’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Our Robot processes daily quotations for thousands of securities from all over the world: we analyze more than 30 Stock Markets. Try it for Free or subscribe a premium plan. Try it for Free or Premium.


Robo News
Follow our Robo News service and keep updates from our daily Robot analysis.
Every day you can find tips on stocks with the top financial forecasts.


Automated portfolio generation
The robot analyzes your profile and in real time elaborates a custom portfolio, assessing the best ETFs, Shares, Bond, Currencies. etc. Follow your first selfie-portfolio for 3 months for free.

Premium stock list worldwide
Discover which stocks are performing best in each country. SelfieWealth robots are looking for the stocks with the highest upside probability.

Stock and portfolios comparison
Compare portfolios or stocks to measure the return of your asset allocation and decide your best financial strategy.

Portfolio optimization
Verify that the asset allocation of your portfolio is always optimal, Otherwise let the robot rebalance that for you.

Asset allocation backtest
Analyze your portfolio and stocks by backtesting their growth performance, returns and deviations.

Stock intelligence
Search all available information, be news or forecast, of a single stock, bond, fund, ETF, currency… your choice among the 100 thousand on our artificial intelligence engine.

Securities correlation
Discover updated global cross securities correlations to improve your financial knowledge.