03 Feb 2018

London confirms its leadership

Bonds asset allocation gains momentum. Keep an eye on Argentina

It closes a week with volatility under control, with the SelfieWealth volatility Index that is expected to share 8.71%. The best investment opportunities that the RoboAdvisor sees for the coming weeks, come from various fronts: in Europe the positive moment binds to France, Holland and Portugal, while out of the single currency stands the London square on which the Artificial Intelligence tip almost a third of its portfolio; Interesting bets are from the United States, Switzerland, Argentina, China and Brazil which together weigth about 50% of the portfolio.

The best Robo-wallets have gained on average + 0.5% in the week just spent and the risk profiles in the TOP10 are rather polarized, in fact 7 profiles are at medium risk, while the remaining 3 profiles at high risk. The countries that have driven the performance were Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina, China, Brazil and Holland, squares for which the Robot continues to see upward forecasts.

The bond component is the master, touching this week the important share of 46% and thus becoming the first Asset Class to be preferred according to the artificial intelligence tool. In detail, the ideal Asset allocation, obtained from the top 10 Robo-portfolios, has an ETF exposure of 24%, in mutual funds for 7%, while the shares are positioned at 23% and the remaining in Bond as seen above.

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