08 Jun 2018

Bibox Token pushes $1.48

Today Skycoin is our Robot’s suggestion

Skycoin is the robot’s crypto pick of the day.
RoboAdvisorCoin suggests this crypto with a short-term upside probability of 60%
It can gain double digits in the short term up to 49% after a great gain last week.
In fact, according to our forecasts, Skycoin’s target price is now $29.25.
Bibox Token is an interesting buy

RoboAdvisorCoin is also long on Bibox Token. The crypto has gained well during the last 7 days (round about 28.77%) and is still an interesting buy according to our artificial intelligence.
The crypto’s current market cap is around USD 154 Mln, but according to our robot it can gain up to 41% within the next weeks, thanks to a short-term upside probability of 50%.
In fact, according to our forecasts, Bibox Token’s target price is now $1.78.

Who is bearish, who is bullish? Let’s ask the Robot
Here’s the robot’s forecast for the large cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin: bearish
  • Ethereum: bullish
  • Ripple: bearish
  • Bitcoin Cash: bullish
Over the weekly reporting time-frame, Bitcoin closed at approximately $7655, which means 1.71% compared to last week’s close of $7524, according to coinmarketcap data.

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