13 Aug 2018

China Stocks, the best Alphie’s picks of 13/08/2018

Today, in the RoboNews dedicated exclusively to the China stock market, our Artificial Intelligence Alphie signals three stocks.
SelfieWealth suggests to monitor them this week for their growth tendency.

  1. CHINA PETROLEUM ENGINEERING is a stock that has risen by 2.83% in the past week, but according to Alphie, that run has not ended.
    Over a 30 days investment horizon, Alphie has assigned it a probability equal to 56.81%,
    that within a month there is a good chance the value of this stock could increase up to the predicted target price of 4.79.
  2. JINXI AXLE has gained: 23.02% in the past month and with a probability of 56.75%, Alphie belives there is a good chance that it will grow again by 3.82% in the next four weeks.
  3. ZHEJIANG JIANFENG GROUP, is a stock that has risen by 10.15% in the past week. According to Alphie, it can still grow in the short term with a probability of 56.75% that it will reach a target price of 13.6.

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