15 Jul 2017

Hong Kong, Lisbon and Vienna on the Podium

A week of growth for the stock picking at Piazza Affari

SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence (www.selfiewealth.com) continues to aim on stocks, grown by 24,07% in the optimal asset allocation, while the good momentum of some Robo-Portfolios with a high-risk profile continues, and in particular those of Hong Kong, Portugal and Austria. It has also been a good week for the Italy High-Risk, which has gained 1,61%, and has been benefitted by the growth of some small cap stocks that it holds, such as Piquadro (+8,05%) and Sogefi (+7,28%).

The best of the week has been the Hong Kong High Risk, which has gained 2,12%, with 44,8% invested in stocks. Two weeks ago, the same portfolio had gained 1,87% and with 35% in stocks. It has also been a good week for the high-risk Robo-Portfolio from Portugal, with a gain of 2,14% and 23,7% invested in stocks, while the Austrian one with the same risk profile has gained 2,10% in the past week.

With a medium risk profile, The Israeli one has been set apart from the others as one of the best this week, with a gain of 1,71% and 11,7% invested in stocks.

At the level of single stocks, it has been a week of growth for the company registered in Hong Kong Jackin Int. (0630.HK) with a weekly gain of 37,78%. The Israeli medical stock Medical Comp System (MDCL.TA) has also had a very good trend this week, gaining 25,23%, as has the Swedish pharmaceutical Karo Pharma AB (KARO.ST), with a +8,78%.

The overall stats indicate that 75% of the 264 Robo-Portfolios have been gaining since the moment of their creation with an active and Total return investment strategy; the Argentina Low Risk boasts the title of best Robo-Portfolio for total performance with a gain of 34,98% since the date of its creation on December 20th, 2015, followed by the UK High Risk with a gain of 27,39% since 12.11.15.

The SelfieWealth Volatility Index this week has remained on values that are similar to those of the last few weeks and has been equal to 8,18% while the SelfieWealth Global Index has grown by 0,394%.

The optimal asset allocation of the week sees the ETFs as the preferred asset class by the best Robo-Portfolios with the 27,37%, while the mutual funds are at 16,67% and the bonds at 17,21%.

Among the currencies, there is a growth trend for the Euro, while the Russian ruble and the Argentine peso are predicted to decrease.

Finally, with regards to the country that emits the securities held by the best Robo-Portfolios, in first place we find, with a percentage of 15,8%, those emitted by Sweden.

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