10 Aug 2017

The Italian Tech Vetrya is the preferred at Piazza Affari

The German insurance Versicherung is the best pick in Europe.

A week intoned towards a decrease has concluded, with the SelfieWealth Global Index weakening by 0,444%, and one that has given satisfactions only to the investors that have chosen their stocks with an accurate stock picking. The best security held by our 264 Robo-Portfolios has been the Indonesian stock Bumi Teknokultura Unggul Tbk (BTEK.JK) ID1000098106, with a weekly growth of 6,53%; according to SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence, it has in front of it a good growth trend also in the next four weeks. It has also been a good week for the Argentine oil security YPF S.A. (YPFD.BA) ARP9897X1319; the company has had a weekly gain of 5,7%. The growth trend, according to the SelfieWealth Robot (www.selfiewealth.com) in this case should be more contained in the short term.
With regard to Piazza Affari, the Robot indicates as best stock picking the technological stock Vetrya, registered at the AIM and recently indicated by the London market amongst the top 100 emerging high tech securities in Europe. The Robot assigns it a probability of growth of 86,28% and does not seem the least worried by the fact that the security has already gained 19,32% in the past month and 44,14% this semester. The best European stock picking is for the German insurance company Rheinland Versicherung N (RLV.DU) DE0008415100, with a weekly growth of 1,85% and that still has space for gains in the following four weeks with a probability of growth of 90,78% a value that signals the convenience of monitoring its progress.

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