18 Jul 2017

visual Equity Value
The Ferrari’s run is not over yet

It has been a week directed towards growth at the global level with the SelfieWealth Global Index having grown by 0,9...

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  • 04 Jul 2017

    Despite a Flash Crash on Gold, the Hunt for Securities at Reduced Capitalization Continues

    In the course of the past week, the quotation of gold has been the victim of a flash crash caused by a concentrated s...

    29 Jun 2017

    The Turkish Lira and the Euro are Enjoying the Summer, While the Ruble Should be Sold

    June prepares to be the month of the Euro according to the Robo-Advisor SelfieWealth (www.selfiewealth.com). The Euro...

    27 Jun 2017

    The German-French Axis is Strategic for the Robot

    It has been a flat week o the global financial markets, with the SelfieWealth Global Index practically unchanged, exc...