21 Aug 2017

Wealth Management
The Aggressiveness Restarts from Asia

The weight of the stock returns to a notable amount. There are good predictio...

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  • 21 Aug 2017

    The Bitcoin is still Growing: According to the ...

    Altcoin, APX and Tokes is the crypto pick of this weekend.

    18 Aug 2017

    The ETF aims on Telecom and Latam

    Important also to follow those specialized in gold and silver.

    17 Aug 2017

    The Swedish FASTPARTNER is the pick of the week.

    At the Eurozone the Robot suggests to follow Tipiak and edding.

    15 Aug 2017

    Unicredit Continues to Run

    Iren and DiaSorin amongst the best picks at Piazza Affari

    13 Aug 2017

    Seoul isn’t Afraid of War

    Stock picking rewarded at the Korean market.

    13 Aug 2017

    The Timeliness of the Robot in Reducing Risks.

    The strategy used last week was correct, now focus on Sweden.

    12 Aug 2017

    Stock picking made in USA this week

    Juno Therapeutics and Randgold Resources should be watched.

    10 Aug 2017

    The Italian Tech Vetrya is the preferred at Pia...

    The German insurance Versicherung is the best pick in Europe.

    08 Aug 2017

    A Change in Strategy with the Tightening of Bonds

    The Robot drastically reduces the risk propensity with prudent...

    07 Aug 2017

    US Value large Caps for the Best ETF

      There has been a return in relevance of investment stra...