13 Jul 2017

Oil, Small and Micro Caps for the Best ETFs

PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors +4,65% in one week.

Very diversified choices this week for the best ETFs for performance that have gained well by aiming on the market price of the companies of semiconductors and on small caps of the US Ict. Different are instead, at least in part, the indications of the Robot with regards to the ETFs with the higher probability of growth in the following weeks, which are those specialized in oil and American small caps, also of the health sector, as well as the so called micro caps. These are the elements that characterize this week’s best ETFs amongst those chosen by the artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth Robo-Advisor. (www.selfiewealth.com).

The artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth Robot suggests to monitor the ETFs specialized in oil and in small and micro caps, especially on the American market. While the best ETF of the week amongst those held by the 264 Robo-Portfolios has been the one specialized in the index of companies of semiconductors with a growth of 4,65%.

According to the predictions of growth in the following weeks, in the list of the best ETFs of the Robot there is the Boost WTI Oil 3x Short Daily ETP (3OIS.MI) registered at the Milan market in euros and that has as its target that of producing thrice the inverse of the yield of the NASDAQ Commodity Crude Oil ER Index. It is an ETF that bets on the downside of the price of oil and that in the past week has gained 2,95%. The Robot assigns it a probability of appreciation that is very elevated and equal to 89,37%. Always in the context of oil, the ETFS OIL SECURITIES LIMITED ETF (CARP.L) deserves attention, an ETC specialized in replicating the trend of the ICE Futures’ European Carbon emissions allowance futures contracts (“ICE ECX CFI EUA futures contracts”).

In the context of companies at reduced market capitalization, the Robot suggests this week three ETFs: iShares Morningstar Small-Cap Growth ETF (JKK) that has as its target the Morningstar Small growth IndexSM and is registered in the US; PowerShares S&P SmallCap Health Care ETF (PSCH) with its target index S&P SmallCap 600 Capped Health Care Index; iShares Micro-Cap ETF (IWC) that re-promises to invest at least 90% in securities included in the Russell Microcap Index.

It is important to signal the weekly trend of the ETF specialized in technology small cap stocks and that has as its target the trend of the S&P SmallCap 600 Capped Information Technology Index: in the last week it has gained 2,14% and according to the Robot it can grown in the short term since it has a probability of 56,1%.

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