12 Aug 2017

Stock picking made in USA this week

Juno Therapeutics and Randgold Resources should be watched.

A week intoned towards decrease has concluded, with the SelfieWealth Global Index being downgraded by 0,617% (after the 0,444% of last week) and that has given satisfactions only to the investors that have chosen their stocks with an accurate stock picking. The best security held by our 264 Robo-Portfolios has been the Indonesian stock Trimegah securities Tbk (TRIM.JK) ID1000052608 with a weekly growth of 26,56%; according the SelfieWealth’s artificial intelligence, it has in front of it a good growth trend also in the next four weeks. It has also been a good week for the Chinese security registered in Hong Kong JacKin Int. (0630.HK) BMG0259E1342; the company is active in the production of medical instruments and has had a weekly gain of 18,02%. The growth spurt according to the SelfieWealth Robo (www.selfiewealth.com) in this case should be extinguished or very reduced in the short-term.

With regards to the predictions for the following weeks, the Robot indicates as best global stock picking the American Juno Therapeutics Inc. (JUNO), with a probability of upside in the short term of 61,44%. The American auriferous stock Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD) should be watched, potentially making a double-digit earn in the following weeks.

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