07 Jul 2017

The Robot Suggests the American Oil Stock PrimeEnergy Corp. (PNRG)

Also a good week for the Swedish medical company DIGNITANA (DIGN.ST)

The stocks of oil & gas, food and health are this week amongst the best securities chosen by the artificial intelligence of the SelfieWealth for the composition of the Robo-Portfolio. The best-held security for probability of growth in the short term is the American medium cap oiler PrimeEhergy Corp. (PNRG), which manages around 1600 wells in the US and has reserves certified for 37,200 barrels of equivalent oil.

At the Stockholm market, the Robot suggests keeping an eye on the stock of the company active in the medical sector, DIGNITANA (DIGN.ST) SE0002108001 that has grown by 11,79% in only one week and with a probability of growth in the short term of 83,31%. Produce DigniCap is a system that reduces the loss of hair during chemotherapy treatments.

In the US, it has been a good week for the company Bankrate, Inc. (RATE) with a weekly gain of 10,32%, specialized in the harvest and distribution of financial contents and with its seat in New York. The Robot assigns to it a good probability of growth in the short term.

Finally, in Korea, the SelfieWealth Robot (www.selfiewealth.com) suggests the manufacturing company Kyungbang Co., Ltd (000050.KS) KR7000050005.

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