11 Aug 2017

YOOK Net-A-Porter Group S.p.A., Abitare In e Net Insurance S.p.A.

Are the best picks at Piazza Affari

Again a lot of AIM and ecommerce fashion platform in the stock picking suggested this week by the SelfieWealth artificial intelligence at Piazza Affari.

YOOX Net-A-Porter Group S.p.A. (YNAP.MI) with a probability of growth of 57,45% (an improvement from the previous 56,02%) is the best choice to be valued at the FTSE MIB, a stock that has already gained 11,31% in the past month.

At the AIM the Robot continues to suggest the technological Abitare In (ABT.MI) with a growth of 8,86% in the last thirty days and with a probability of upside in the short term of 58,33%.

Net Insurance (NET.MI), already signaled various times in 2017, remains amongst the preferred at the AIM, with a probability of growth in thirty days of 57,55%, even though it has already gained 72,09% in the past month.

The growth spurt according to the SelfieWealth Robot (www.selfiewealth.com) also concerns the stocks Banca Generali (BGN.MI) and Ratti (RAT.MI).

It is also important to signal that the security Ferrari (RACE.IT) has left the list of the top 25 for probability of upside in one month.

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