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Predicting the future values with financial analysis for a wide range of securities in the global financial market is really hard, considering the market fluctuation. Our robot makes it easier.


Robo News

Our financial experts produce daily news based on the latest forecasts and analysis of the Robot. Registered users can follow our news service and acquire timely and accurate analysis and unbiased information to operate in a fully informed way in the financial environment.
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Get updated everyday with SelfieWealth's forecasts about stock markets, funds, bond, etf and more. The accuracy of the forecasts and risk measures is constantly monitored and our team will intervene in case of market anomalies or structural changes.
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Research Reports

Our AI produces high quality information sheets, which provide clear, timely and relevant technical financial data and forecasts on a wide range of listed companies.
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Set up your account and start using SelfieWealth

Sign-up to SelfieWealth with your email address and in a few steps take access to thousands of simplified financial research reports.


Answer the questionnaire and get matched to a portfolio

After completing a simple questionnaire, we match you to a portfolio that’s specifically built and automatically updated daily by our robo according to your investor profile.


Take advantage of the SelfieWealth AI

Enjoy our services: news, forecasts, analysis and watchlist. Our services aim to offer you accurate analysis and unbiased information to operate in a fully informed way.

How much does it cost?

19.99 €

Basic subscription

With basic subscription you will receive the daily Robo News in order to keep updates from our daily Robot analysis. You can also find tips on stocks with the top financial forecasts, and build a watchlist of securities, to track their progress.

29.99 €

Premium Plan

With the Premium plan you have unlimited access to all our services. Robo News and Forecasts, more than one watchlist and free Research Reports access.

More than 60.000 securities from around the globe

Our robo-advisor, equipped with an AI-based engine for asset allocation, predicts the direction of thousands of securities covering the world’s global financial markets. Thanks to SelfieWealth AI, every potential investor can acquire timely and accurate analysis and unbiased information to operate in a fully informed way in an increasingly competitive global financial environment.

Today Alphie analyzed 65.000 securities:

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