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Panasonic: Net income down 13%. Alphie has a negative outlook on the stock but the forecasts for Fujitsu and Samsung are positive.

Feb 7, 2019 - 16:49 UTC

Panasonic suffered a decline in net income of 13.2% in the last 9 months. The Japanese company, one of the leaders in electronic materials production, made a loss of 173.71 billion yen from April to December 2018. The EBIT was also down by 7.5%, due to the increase in fixed costs and raw materials. Depsite the 2.9% increase in turnover, the company forecasts an EBIT target reduction from 425 billion to 385 billion yen for this financial year (ending March 2019), while it maintains the goal to reach a net income target of +6% per year. In spite of this…

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