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SkinBioTherapeutics suggested by the Robot has gained 10.78% in one week

Mar 17, 2018 - 11:45 UTC

SelfieWealth Artificial Intelligence platform last week has suggested interesting and winning picks at the London Stock Exchange. Below the list of the best shares picked by our Robot ranked by weekly performance: • SKINBIOTHERAPEUTICS(SBTX_GBR), weekly gain 10.78%; best position in Robot’s rank: 9 on 2018-03-16; oncein premium list last week; • DRIVER GROUP(DRV_GBR), weekly gain 7.75%; best position in Robot’s rank: 9 on 2018-03-12: twice in premium list last week • IENERGIZER(IBPO_GBR), weekly gain 6.35%; best position in Robot’s rank: 6 on 2018-03-16; once in premium list last week • BORDERS AND SOUTHERN PETROLEUM(BSTH_GBR), weekly gain 4.19%; best position in Robot’s rank: 2 on 2018-03-15, once in premium list last week • BRITISH AND AMERICAN INVESTMENT(BAF_GBR), weekly gain 3.33%; best position in Robot’s rank: 1 on 2018-03-15; twice in premium list last week; • PLANT…

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