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The Bioplastics industry is growing. Companies suggested by Alphie to invest.

Feb 8, 2019 - 18:55 UTC

Bioplastics market is rising. In 2023 World’s demand would be about 2.2 million tonnes according with the European Bioplastics. In 2018 packaging remains the largest field of application for bioplastics with almost 65%, 1.2 million tonnes, of the total bioplastics market. Europe is the biggest market; Asia is the most important production centre. Regarding companies, BASF, a German firm, announced that want to expand its business in China. Avantium has regained plants-to-plastics technology and has paid BASF €13.7 million for its equity stake in Synvina. Unilever, indeed, made a joint venture with Bio Bon making creams with “the alkanoate”, a…

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