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Zcash is Robot’s best crypto pick of the day. New target price is 900$

Jan 10, 2018 - 18:00 UTC

Zcash is Robot’s best crypto pick of the day.  RoboAdvisorCoin suggested ZEC last Dec. 26 for the third time since Nov. 1st. Our CryptoNews last Dec. 26 wrote:” RoboAdvisorCoin today suggests again a crypto currency that offers a non public payment system, in the sense that the details in the transactions managed by blockchain are accessible only at certain conditions. Zcash (ZEC.CRY) has these characteristics and capitalized around 1.65bln$ (it was equal to 576mln$ the first time our Robot has suggested ZEC) ; in the past month it has gained around 63% but according to the RAC it has a…

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